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so I says to mabel I says

Know who's a hip cat, is, that Chuck Palahniuk fellow. I just listened to his commentary on the Fight Club DVD, and he mentions that the ending was better than it was in the book (indeed, he acclaims David Fincher and Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter and the whole gang for bringing it to the film and there's parts executed better than the book--I'm reminded of Mario Puzo's comments about The Godfather: "If I'd known it was going to be popular, I would've written it better") and then he says that the Pixies song placed there rocks and he's right. So without further adu (lord knows there's been enough) I'm going to nominate Chuck to be the losercore presidente, in a symbolic move like how the Boy Scouts of America's presidente is the president of the united states. Not that this should be taken as an endorsement of those little closed-minded jerks, just an analogy.
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i think if that if losercore gets a president, it should be a woman.
okay. nominate a co-president.

. . or not :(

okay, okay. do they have to be alive? 'cause mae west was pretty damn supreme.
but if they have to be alive... betty dodson or janeane garofalo.